Get a sense of Bushnell Design Studio, by browsing through our work history narrative. Our
innovative designs reflect our unique perspective. As always, our goal is to produce highly-creative
work which demonstrates our client’s objectives effectively.

Ventacity – Website

The Ventacity website ( comes with a lot of features: sliding banner on the homepage, click to call buttons and in the footer there’s a place to sign-up for their newsletter. This site has a ton of products and resources, which we had to present in an organized fashion also make it easy to locate and sort through. We utilized drop down menus, clear headings paired with images, and large download buttons.

ProVision – Brand Guidelines

When we do a logo for a client, we make them brand guidelines as well. For ProVision, we made them a new logo. Once it was finalized, we made the brand guidelines. It covers, all the different ways the logo can be shown, official colors (in many formats, i.e. Pantone, RGB, CMYK), official fonts, minimum clearance rules and general brand representation rules. Brand guidelines are very helpful for creating a more consistent company public image.

Texas Heat – Logo Revamp

Texas Heat wanted to update their logo, so we tried to keep the important elements and then elevate the rest. We wanted to make sure to still keep their brand recognition with the public.

Ultra Madness – Belt Buckle

This custom belt buckle was a fun job for the Ultra Madness Marathon. If you scroll back a few entries, you can see the mock-up for this and now here is the finished product. What a unique piece of memorabilia! You really can put your name/brand on ANYTHING.

Daffodil Dash – Shirts

The Daffodil Dash is just around the corner. Due to COVID-19, it’s now being done virtually, but we still wanted to share the artwork we worked so hard on!

Daffodil Dash – Rack Card

The Daffodil Dash is just around the corner. Due to COVID-19, it’s now being done virtually, but we still wanted to share the artwork we worked so hard on!

Ultra Madness – Belt Buckle

This is a mock-up of the artwork for a belt buckle for the Ultra Madness Marathon. We love doing all sorts of different jobs! We can put your design on almost any medium.

Fircrest Color Run – Rack Card

The Fircrest Color Run is a fun event where money is raised for a local elementary school. In addition to creating the rack card, we also made the logo for them. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus, the run was canceled, but we still wanted to share the fun artwork.

Ventacity – Tradeshow Banner

This banner, for Ventacity to use at tradeshows, turned out pretty cool! In a sea of competition, this is a great way to stand out. Not only do they stand out amongst the crowd, but they also come off more professional. We’re really happy with how this one turned out.

Mainstream Innovations – Infographic

Infographics are a great way to convey a lot of information across to people. Mainstream Innovations wanted to clearly explain funnel marketing. Rather than having 3 or 4 paragraphs of text, we used a more visual representation to show the concept. Not only is it more stimulating to look at, but you’re more likely to retain the information.

South Tacoma Neighborhood Council – Logo Update

A logo redesign can update your brand. South Tacoma Neighborhood Council wanted some help updating their logo. We kept the key aspects, while also elevating the logo. Additionally, we gave them a second, more simplified version because this one has a lot of elements.

The Glass Candle

The Glass Candle is a home lighting and decor store who’s been in Tacoma since 1972. They were ready to update their logo to something more modern. You can see in the before and after image that it was time for an update.

Tech Masters – Billboard

Tech Masters is an IT company who was in need of concept and design for a billboard. Bushnell Design Studio was happy to help. We love projects like this. We tried to keep it simple, but still grab people’s attention.

THPS – Magazine Ad

The Heat Pump Store was in need of an ad for a green living magazine. The ad focuses on the upcoming summer weather and offers a limited time offer.

NWDHPP – Company Flyers

Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Project (NWDHPP) is a program with Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) who provides sales and marketing resources for ductless heat pump contractors. They were in need of company flyers that not only were informative, but also matched the program feel and look.

Ventacity – Smarter Building Logo Series

The HVAC2 Smarter Building logo series was done for Ventacity, a heating – cooling – ventilation company who services commercial buildings and offices. They wanted a series of 3 logos for their Smarter Building line. We made the logos cohesive together, but also each one distinctively different.

West End – Breakfast Menu

The West End Pub & Grill is located on 6th Ave. in Tacoma, WA and is a local favorite. While they probably better known for their evening scene, they also have breakfast offerings.

THPS – Website Banners

The Heat Pump Store has many locations throughout the Northwest. They were in need of new banners for their website, which feature the convenience of ductless heat pumps.

Ventacity – Product Sheets

Ventacity is an innovative company specializing in commercial heating and cooling. We created an assortment of items for them ranging from brochures and booklets to case studies and product sheets. Each product sheet represents a different system they offer.

Velvet Vitality – Brochure

Velvet Vitality makes natural elk antler supplements (without harming the elk) and is located in Northern Idaho. This brochure features their products as well as a description of what they do and a brief history of their business.

Titan Truck – Photo Editing

Titan Truck is located in Spokane, WA and was in need of photo editing. The truck was originally in a warehouse, but by the end of the project it was outdoors, in the night, with fog and lights – a complete transformation.


Aaberg’s is a tool and equipment rental business from Tacoma, WA. They were in need of a seasonal products flyer.

Austin Excavating – BC & Logo

Austin Excavating & Tractor Service is a small company based out of McCall, Idaho. Although they have been around for 40 years, they were still in need of a professional presence in their marketplace, which we were able to provide.

Moses Lake Water Quality Report

Every year, cities have to send out a water quality report. We did this one for the city of Moses Lake, WA. You have to be able to take large amounts of information and make them readable and organized.

THPS – Earth Day Flyer

Because The Heat Pump Store is ecologically conscious, they wanted to do an Earth Day Special. We made this fun flyer with Earth Day in mind to promote The Heat Pump Store and their special.

THPS – Anniversary Logo & Banner

The Heat Pump Store is celebrating their 10 year anniversary all of 2017. In honor of this milestone, we modified their existing logo to encompass the number 10. Additionally, we used the new logo on a banner for their website (

Mainstream Innovations

Mainstream Innovations develops training for HVAC contractors and is located in Portland, OR. In addition to creating their logo, we created promotional flyers.

Mainstream Innovations

Mainstream Innovations develops training for HVAC contractors and is located in Portland, OR. In addition to creating their logo, we designed business cards printed with a spot varnish covering the logo for extra pizzaz.

Sharp Shooting

Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop, located in Spokane, WA, wanted labels for custom water bottles to give to their customers. This was a fun and unique project. Practically anything you can think up, we can do!

Dailey Eco Landscaping

Dailey Eco Landscaping, based in the Seattle-Tacoma area, was in need of business cards which portrayed their commitment to the environment.

City of Camas

The city of Camas, WA was in need of a sleek and professional press release insert, with information displayed clear a manner.

Heim Welding

Heim Welding and Fabrication, out of Port Orchard, WA is an established company who needed an updated look to better reflect their quality work.