The Cornerstone for Building Every Organizations Identity

Logos are the cornerstone for building every organizations identity in the marketplace. It is vital that a logo represent a companies product and/or service well, as well as their corporate culture and market position. A well thought out and executed logo says a company is professional, established and committed.

A LOGO ACTS PRIMARILY AS AN IDENTIFIER – something people can associate a company with at a single glance. A successful logo should be appropriate, scalable, memorable, distinctive, practical and simple.

– David Airey

Designing Your New Logo

Here’s what to expect

Step 1

It starts with communication: You let us know what you’re thinking, colors you like, things you don’t like, etc.

Sometimes our clients have a clear idea of exactly what they want and other times they want us to come up with the ideas. Both approaches are totally fine!

Step 2

Based on your input, we’ll make revisions and send you round 2 concepts.

  • Some clients pick an option from round 1 as-is. It all comes down to your personal preferences!
  • Sometimes a round 3 is needed for final tweaks.
Step 3

Final Logos – once the final logo has been chosen, we’ll provide you with a variety of styles and outputs for all your future print and digital needs:

  • Styles: horizontal and vertical version, 1 color and 2 color version
  • Outputs: pdf, eps jpg, png, and the native file.
Step 4

Lastly – you’ll receive a pdf booklet of your logo guidelines. It’ll include logo usage rules, your official colors, typestyle rules and supporting graphics.

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