Project Description

Our friends at Titan Truck worked on this image, but weren’t satisfied with their outcome. So, we took their work and elevated it to the next level. Listed below are the steps we took to transform the background with effects to give their beautiful truck the backdrop it deserves.

  • Darkened the background
  • Put filters on the background
  • Brightened the truck
  • Made it nighttime
  • Added stars to the sky
  • Added mud to the tires
  • Downloaded a custom fog brush and added fog to the image
  • Added beams of light to the headlights

Logo Update

We also helped them with their logo update. Their previous logo was very complicated with a hand-drawn type and lots of effects. They wanted to simplify the logo with a strong, bold type that was easily readable and requested that we keep the same color palette. Finally we created the custom type for the anniversary version of the logo.