Smith Fire Systems


Smith Fire Systems is a well established company with a strong presence in the market place. Their logo is also easily recognizable and long established so they didn't want to change it. However, there were slightly different versions being used with inconsistencies in type and color treatment. Additionally, there was no vector version of [...]

Solis Glass


Solis Glass is a great business and owner, Oly Solis, has the perfect name for a glass business. He asked us to create a logo for his commercial glass installation business. Using gold and sun supporting graphics was too perfect. However, we wanted something clean and unique - there are a lot of sun type [...]

Tech Masters


Techmasters Ned The Nerd Billboard For this job, we were tasked with coming up with the concept and design for a billboard for Tech Masters. Our goal was to make an effective billboard – one that people actually read and comprehended in 3 seconds. When we setup their proofs, we [...]

The Heat Pump Store


The Heat Pump Store Needed Their Brand to Reach a Younger Demographic and solidify their standing with existing customers. They realized the need to invest in a re-brand that would encompass these needs. They wanted to keep their logo but make it appeal to a broader base. Important emphasis for the re-branding: experts, [...]

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