Bushnell Design Studio is built around 3 core principles:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Design. . .

with design at the heart of our business.

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Creative that Works

Our tagline “Creative that Works for You” was purposefully chosen because, at Bushnell Design Studio, our goal is your goal. Our purpose-driven designs are created around your needs, uniquely crafted to encourage your audience to take action!

We have an extensive list of services, featuring: logos, brochures, tradeshow materials, websites, digital ads, etc to fulfill this purpose.

Whether your business is new or established, we’ll help you achieve your goals, establish your presence, and nurture growth.

  • The purpose of graphic/website design is to bring your business’ message to your customers, employees, shareholders, students, etc.
  • As designers, our goal is to effectively convey your message to the intended audience.

  • With precise messaging, we’ll direct your audience to complete an action, such as buying a product, joining a service, being persuaded, or simply to educate.

  • Certain mechanics are vital to a well-designed piece:
    Emphasis | Consistency | Balance | Use of white space, etc.
  • These characteristics work together to serve a purpose — grabbing your customer’s attention and compelling them to your desired action.